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What role do OLT devices play?

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OLT devices are important office devices that can be connected to the front-end switch (aggregation layer) with network cables, converted into optical signals and connected to the optical splitter at the end of the user via a single fiber. implement control, management, ranking; and is like the ONU device an optoelectronic integrated device.

How is the network management system of OLT devices structured?

What is the function of OLT devices?

What is the design idea of the OLT system?


How is the network management system of OLT devices structured?

First, on the basis of the EPON system's theoretical system, understand its working principle, analyze China Telecom's business requirements for optical line terminals, distinguish the main function modules, and discuss the functions of each part of the EPON system.

Second, based on the test requirements of China Telecom optical line terminal equipment and referring to the existing OLT system, the hardware structure of the optical line terminal system is designed, the logical assignment of network services to device modules is completed and the implementation method is completed from certain functional modules.

It then conducts in-depth research on various network management protocols, selects Flex and Tcl as development tools, adopts a three-layer design idea, designs and implements a range of distributed management methods on a web basis with configuration management, error analysis and performance query and other functions of the OLT network management system.

What is the function of OLT devices?

1. Broadcast Ethernet data to the ONU (Optical Network Unit);

2. Initiate and control the ranking process and record the ranking information;

3. allocate bandwidth for ONU; control the start time of sending ONU data and the size of the transmission window.

The switching center equipment (OLT) in EPON's passive optical network system is a multi-service delivery platform that supports IP services and traditional TDM services simultaneously. It is placed at the edge of the urban network or at the exit of the Community access network in order to converge and/or converge access services. to the IP network.

What is the design idea of the OLT system?

The entire OLT system design takes over the embedded design idea. The embedded hardware platform is small, highly reliable, consumes little power, is rich in resources and easy to use, which facilitates debugging and upgrading OLT software and hardware.

The hardware design of the OLT system usually consists of three parts: the backplane, the main control board, and the single-board OLT.

The backplane is mainly used to connect multiple OLT boards and the main control board. In the concrete project it can be executed in the form of 4 single boards (i.e. including 4 PON ports) or 20 single boards (including 20 PON ports).

The main control board is mainly used to control and manage multiple OLT boards, realize centralized management of ONU, remote monitoring, remote commissioning and maintenance, and remote online upgrade services. The main control board is connected to the single board OLT via MII (Media Independent Interface). The design mainly describes the hardware design and implementation of a single OLT board.

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