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What does 10G GPON mean?

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The standard of 10G EPON is IEEE 802.3av. The standard formulation of 10G EPON began in 2006 and the standard was officially announced in September 2009. The standard formulation process of 10G EPON is relatively fast and the most important technical details have been defined.

What are the advantages of 10G GPON?

What is the use value of 10G GPON?

What are the characteristics of 10G EPON?


What are the advantages of 10G GPON?

10G GPON can provide high-quality and cost-effective bandwidth.

In order to keep pace with the development of informatization and the pace of network applications, PON (passive fiber network) technology is a kind of technology that follows this trend and gradually comes to market for six months under the rapid promotion of doubling the entire network bandwidth. High-quality and cost-effective broadband access technology.

Judging by the current overall situation, the average download rate of systems in regions with better network conditions is about 2.5Gbit's, and 10GPON can tell by its name that it has a network transmission capacity that is 4x the current download bandwidth capacity. Increasing bandwidth capacity can be used to meet the bandwidth requirements of more users, provide better services to users, and cope with the rapid growth of users.

What is the use value of 10G GPON?

User demand for network bandwidth has increased with the enrichment of network applications and services, pushing operators to accelerate equipment and technology upgrades. The advent of new technologies not only provides operators with information to calmly face the situation of user growth and the rise of broadband traffic, but also brings users the best network service experience. With the rapid development of network technology and the increasing demand for network bandwidth by users, the network conditions that operators face are getting worse every year. In order to provide network bandwidth at higher speed, the technologies used are constantly updated or new technologies seem to provide better services. This can be seen in the increasing share of online videos in users' online time, making the realization and widespread use of 5G base stations a reality.

What are the characteristics of 10G EPON?

10G EPON specifies three performance budgets, namely PR10/PRX10, PR20/PRX20 and PR30/PRX30. The performance budgets are listed in the following table. The power budget of 10G EPON can support a transmission distance of up to 20km and a division ratio of 1:32.

The 10G EPON standard is developing rapidly and the official standard will be released in the third quarter 2009. 10G EPON can adopt the mature experience of large-scale deployment of EPON and coexist with GEPON without changing the ODN network, saving investment for operators. Compared to the existing broadband access technology, 10G EPON has great advantages in terms of bandwidth. Various manufacturers are also actively investing in the research and development of 10G EPON, and the industrial chain will soon mature. Therefore, 10G EPON is an ideal technology for next-generation broadband access.

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