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What are the characteristics of XGS-PON?

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XGS-PON is the technical evolution of GPON and XG-PON, and supports the hybrid access of three types of ONUs, GPON, XG-PON and XGS-PON.

What are the characteristics of XGS-PON?

How to choose XGS-PON and XG-PON equipment?

What is the relationship between XGS-PON and GPON?


What are the characteristics of XGS-PON?

Like XG-PON, the downlink of XGS-PON adopts broadcast mode, and the uplink adopts TDMA mode.

Since the downlink wavelength and downlink rate of XGS-PON and XG-PON are the same, the downlink of XGS-PON does not distinguish between XGS-PON ONU and XG-PON ONU, and the optical splitter broadcasts the downlink optical signal to the same ODN link For each XG(S)-PON (XG-PON and XGS-PON) ONU, each ONU chooses to receive its own signal and discard other signals.

How to choose XGS-PON and XG-PON equipment?

Affected by equipment cost and equipment maturity, currently, the equipment price of XGS-PON is generally much higher than that of XG-PON. Among them, the unit price of OLT (including Combo user board) is about 20% higher, and the unit price of ONU is more than 50% higher.

Although the inbound private line needs to provide symmetrical uplink/downlink circuits, the actual traffic of most inbound passenger lines is still the following. Although there are more and more scenarios where users pay more attention to the upstream bandwidth, there is almost no service that cannot be accessed through XG-PON and must be accessed through XGS-PON.

Due to the good compatibility of the XGS-PON Combo solution, the unit price of the XGS-PON OLT (including the Combo user board) is not much higher than that of the XG-PON. High) deploy a small number of XGS-PON OLT equipment, and XGS-PON ONU is equipped according to the actual online bandwidth requirements of users.

What is the relationship between XGS-PON and GPON?

Since the uplink/downlink wavelengths are different from GPON, XGS-PON adopts the Combo solution to share ODN with GPON. The Combo optical module of XGS-PON integrates GPON optical module, XGS-PON optical module and WDM combiner. In the upstream direction, after the optical signal enters the XGS-PON Combo port, the WDM filters the GPON signal and the XGS-PON signal according to the wavelength, and then sends the signal to different channels.

In the downstream direction, the signals from the GPON channel and the XGS-PON channel are multiplexed through WDM, and the mixed signal is downstream to the ONU through the ODN. Due to the different wavelengths, different types of ONUs select the required wavelength through the internal filter to receive the signal.

Since XGS-PON naturally supports coexistence with XG-PON, the Combo solution of XGS-PON supports the mixed access of three types of ONUs, namely GPON, XG-PON and XGS-PON. The Combo optical module of XGS-PON is also called three Mode Combo optical module (the XG-PON Combo optical module is called a two-mode Combo optical module because it supports the mixed access of GPON and XG-PON ONUs).

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