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How much do you know about XG-PON?

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MDU can effectively avoid the occurrence of network interruption caused by single point of failure. MDU allows the establishment of two or more physical links between two switching devices. It can bind all physical connections between the two switching devices into a virtual transmission link. The data exchange between the switches is performed by This virtual transmission link is completed.

What is the scope of application of MDU?

What is XG-PON?

What is the current usage of XG-PON?


What is the scope of application of MDU?

Emergency events often occur in places with severe signal attenuation or crowded people. A large-capacity channel can be formed by aggregating multiple small-capacity channels. According to the structure of the front-end communication module, it can be divided into 4-fold expansion, 6-fold expansion and other mechanisms. . The information transmitted by the system is realized through different links, and the last packet first arrives can quickly start the link re-selection and retransmission across the packets, which ensures the relatively orderly arrival of real-time information flow, thus avoiding the information caused by timeout and other reasons. cut off. It is extended from single link to MDU transmission, which can provide better stability for emergency communication stability. Adopting an unreliable transmission mechanism, the front end does not need to wait for the back end information feedback, so the instantaneous jitter of a certain link can be detected within 3ms, and the data transmitted by the front end can better optimize the link and configure the load, thereby effectively avoiding Link congestion caused by blind data transmission, maximize the use of all available channels to form a stable communication link. MDU has a forward error correction mechanism, and the fault tolerance rate is optional between 5% and 75%. By configuring reasonable redundant packets, the back-end restoration of irresistible packet loss can be performed to further reduce possible data packet loss and further improve stability.

What is XG-PON?

Both XG-PON and XGS-PON belong to the GPON series. From the technical roadmap, XGS-PON is the technological evolution of XG-PON. Both XG-PON and XGS-PON are 10G PONs. The main difference is: XG-PON is an asymmetric PON, and the uplink/downlink rate of the PON port is 2.5G/10G; XGS-PON is a symmetrical PON, and the uplink/downlink rate of the PON port is The rate is 10G/10G.

What is the current usage of XG-PON?

The main PON technologies currently used are GPON and XG-PON, both of which are asymmetric PONs. Since the user's uplink/downlink data is generally asymmetric, taking a first-tier city as an example, the uplink traffic of the OLT is only 22% of the downlink traffic on average. Therefore, the technical characteristics of asymmetric PON are basically the same as the user's needs. match. More importantly, the upstream rate of an asymmetric PON is low, the cost of transmitting components such as lasers in the ONU is low, and the equipment price is correspondingly low.

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Genew Technologies Co., Ltd., established in 2005, is a global system provider of end-to-end communication solutions and telecom infrastructures, it is listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (Stock Code: 688418.SS).



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