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What are MDU's services?

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All physical links that constitute the virtual transmission link of the MDU are redundant backups for each other. When one or more of the physical links constituting the virtual transmission link fail due to a port or transmission medium failure, the data transmission is completed by the remaining valid physical links.

What are MDU's services?

What is the service purpose of MDU?

What are the advantages of MDU?


What are MDU's services?

MDU technology research and industrialization, related technologies can always provide high-reliability and high-security communication support in signal weak areas, densely populated areas, high-speed movement, etc. Internet resources. The purpose is to transmit clear and smooth vehicle video to relevant leaders, managers, commanders and even ordinary users in a timely manner, so that relevant personnel can grasp the scene situation at the first time. The core application of the video communication system is to provide a stable communication environment in the case of weak network and network jitter, and form a large and The anti-jitter uplink and downlink channels have the characteristics of "high traffic, high stability, high security, high convenience, and low cost".

What is the service purpose of MDU?

With the continuous expansion of the network scale, users have higher and higher requirements on the bandwidth and reliability of backbone links. In the traditional technology, the bandwidth is often increased by replacing high-speed devices, but this solution requires high costs and is not flexible enough.

Using MDU technology can increase link bandwidth by bundling multiple physical interfaces into one logical interface without hardware upgrade. While achieving the purpose of increasing bandwidth, MDU adopts the mechanism of backup link, which can effectively improve the reliability of the link between devices.

What are the advantages of MDU?

Another advantage that single-link expansion brings to multi-link is: data security. After unpacking the original data of the information flow, the load is not assigned to each link according to the determined distribution ratio. The only load principle is only based on the actual transmission capacity of each link within 5ms, and the transmission data of each link within each 5ms. The amount of data is changing, so it is difficult to capture and analyze a single link; the original data is transmitted through different physical links, so the data of a single link is incomplete, and even if the illegal user intercepts the data, there is no availability. ; Due to the configuration of an indeterminate amount of redundant data, the data is difficult to parse halfway through unless it reaches the end point. Therefore, the communication security system is used in the public security and has natural encryption. Minimize the use of front-line personnel. The front-end equipment is only equipped with one switch key, and other configurations are adaptive. Whether it is the vehicle system or the individual soldier system, when personnel arrive at the scene, communication support can be activated within 10s. Compared with satellite communication with the same communication volume and stability, its use cost is about 1% of the latter, and the installation cost also has obvious advantages.

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