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Grasp the velocity, Genew brings its latest core network solutions to MWC 2023

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Today the society change in a post COVID-19 pandemic era becomes a new norm and the economic growth has more uncertainty in the future, but at the same time, the digital transformation goes even deeper alongside the development of 5G and its environment with unprecedented Velocity, the communication service providers stand in the center of this inflective changing point.

The whole industry adopts the change at unprecedented velocity in this circumstance, that how we work and operate, how to satisfy the greater requirement of higher efficiency and gain more profitability in a saturated market?

The CSPs need to grasp the velocity and leverage the latest innovations and technologies to face the OPEX and CAPEX challenge and to accelerates the trial of new business models and response to income pressures, there are 3 transformative questions need to be answered:

How to unleash your core network potential capabilities to exceed expectations?

How to unveil the opportunities of your core network for the vertical industry?

How to gain the benefits and profitability from technology with unprecedented velocity?

The Genew Technologies Core Network solution includes 3 main parts for those transformative questions:

1.    New Channel, New Service, New Experience

2.    Affordable Cost, Easy Maintenance, High Reliability, Fertile Features for verticals

3.    Enhance Communication Services on Public Cloud

Question 1:

How to unleash your core network potential capabilities to exceed expectations?

The mobile or fixed calls are very common and regular for today’s communications among people, and with shifting of voice from original cell phone to the applications of OTTs like WhatsApp/Skype/WeChat etc., the ARPU of voice service continues to decline for CSP. And with the 5G deployment the CSP needs to fulfill the promise of it, just like enabling AR/VR during phone calls, enabling livelihood service during phone calls, enabling remote collaboration during phone calls, enabling emotion expressions during phone calls, enabling sharing of videos and pictures during phone calls etc., all those new services are critical to exceed customers’ expectations.

3GPP introduces the Data Channel in Release 16 & 17 for IMS to elevate voice services to a new level, the new voice service with data channel is an intelligent and interactive service which allowing you to interact with the other person within the original call screen, and transfer any data between you and the other person or the media cloud. As a result, voice services can serve as a capability platform for CSPs. This platform could enable valuable business use cases, just like real-time translation scenarios, AR remote maintenance scenarios, mission critical service scenarios etc., all those services eventually helps CSPs to exceed customers’ expectations.

Genew IMS supports the IMS Data Channel feature to implements New Channel to support New Service and enable New Experience!

Question 2:

How to unveil the opportunities of your core network for the vertical industry?

To meet the various requirement of vertical industry, Genew Technologies provides small footprint and convergence core network solutions, such as affordable cost, easy maintenance, high reliability and fertile features etc.

First there are flexible deployment options for the vertical industry users to meet different financial target. The small footprint and convergence EPC/5GC/IMS of the private network could be deployed on public clouds like AWS or Alibaba Cloud or on a private cloud in the campus. And in bare-metal deployment scenario the core network could be installed in a single server.

Second for industry users, it is expansive to have a professional maintenance team to manage the 5G private network of its own, so the network itself should be easy installation and provide features such as self-configuration, self-management and fertile remote open APIs for a third-party cooperation to reduce the technical requirement.

Third it is important for industry users to reinforce the reliability of the 5G private network to achieve 99.999% availability to keep the production safe for year long time. The small footprint and convergence EPC/5GC/IMS provide multiple redundancy solutions to meet the requirement.

Forth the small footprint and convergence EPC/5GC/IMS, to cope with the increasing scenarios and requirements in 5G vertical industry, provide features defined in 3GPP standard R16 & R17, such as 5G LAN, NPN, TSN, dual connectivity and network slicing to isolate different services etc. And the IMS provides VoLTE/VoNR/Messaging features etc.

Question 3:

How to gain the benefits and profitability from technology with unprecedented velocity?

Communication service on public cloud targets on accelerating the rollouts and lowering the TCO, it enables easy trials with lower cost and quick ROI with a pay as you grow model. The public cloud network could be used as a service, with shorter time to market, flexibility and scalability to expand after trials, it enables CSP simply and cost effectively to extend connections to vertical industries and SMEs.

Genew Technologies enhances the communication service on public cloud to provide more reliability, higher experience and more security for customers to solve the anxiety that caused by the out of service of the failure of public cloud. Genew Core Network on public cloud supports 2 different brand public clouds to be in a same pool and for each public cloud it has a backup node in different region. So, if one public cloud fails, the service will firstly switch over to the backup region, and if the backup region doesn’t functional, the service could switch over to the other brand public cloud.

In summary, Genew Core Network solutions will help CSP to enable new service with new experience to exceed customers’ expectations, help CSP to grasp the opportunities of vertical industry and gain more benefits and profitability by enhancing the communication services on public cloud!

Genew Technologies Co., Ltd., established in 2005, is a global system provider of end-to-end communication solutions and telecom infrastructures, it is listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (Stock Code: 688418.SS).



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