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VoLTE deployment accelerates, Genew IMS helps CSP handle the transition

Views: 0     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-12-10      Origin: Site

By the end of 2022,there are 230+ VoLTE networks in 100+ markets globally, the global VoLTE penetration reaches about 45%, operators currently have more than 3.9 billion VoLTE connections and the number of VoLTE capable terminals increase significantly. The VoLTE deployment is accelerating, by 2025, the number of global VoLTE/VoNR connections will be near 5 billion, and VoLTE penetration will reach up to 75%.

With the great demand on releasing the 2G and 3G spectrum and refarming to 4G/5G to improve the spectrum efficiency, to increase network capacity and embrace new services, the outdated 2G and 3G networks are gradually shut down worldwide, the voice services need to be migrated to the IMS, and with the emergence of 5G, it also needs IMS to provide the VoNR, the voice over 5G feature. And the following reason that accelerates VoLTE deployment is VoLTE provide better voice quality and experience, and at last, most importantly, VoLTE enables the CSP to open up the enterprise voice market to introduce various new services.

Genew Technologies’IMS already serves 28M users globally, CSPs select us not only for the end to end portfolio to build the whole IMS network, but also for the tested interoperability and reliability on the living network, we serve millions of users in a single network of different CSPs in different regions, the largest one has 3.5m users in Bangladesh.

First, Genew IMS provides the AGCF/SBC/IM-MGW to connect any voice accesses, SIP phones, IP-PBX, voice application on computers etc., especially the dedicated Hardware version of IM-MGW has various kinds of interfaces to accept traditional TDM accesses like V5/PRI/R2 etc. Second, Genew IMS provides not only the mobile voice features for VoLTE/VoNR/VoWiFi, but also the NGN features for VoBB and the IP-PBX features for VoIP, all the features together make Genew IMS the centralized voice switching system to connect and switch voice from every original voice service area. At last Genew IMS provides fertile communication service applications like Multimedia Conference, Multimedia Telephone, Enhanced Phone Book, Convergent Centrex, Instant Message, CRBT, RCS, IP Fax, MCPPT etc. to ensure customer voice business operations.

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