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Genew's core network won the bid from the Philippine operator Dito on China CLNY 1st Day

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On Feb 12, 2021 as the first day of China Lunar New Year a good start with Genew's core network winning the bid from the Philippine operator came.

With the arrival of the Spring Festival, after winning the bid for the BTCL core network IMS project, Genew got another good news from Philippines market. Genew and its joint venture successfully awarded the new construction project of core network simulation dia-l-and-test system from the third largest mobile operator in Philippines - Dito Telecommunity, which help Genew move further in the Philippines telecom market.

This project mainly meets 5G, 4G and IMS business scenarios such as EPC, 5GC, VOLTE, VOWIIFI and FWA, including voice, data, short message, supplementary services, value-added services, etc., and achieve the multi-scene business and product testing on the core network elements. Through various simulation tests, the simulation dial-and-test system can analyze the potential problems of the core network and identify and locate faults before customers complain, and objectively evaluate network capacity and performance.

Dito Telecommunity is a Philippine telecommunications company jointly invested by China Telecom, Chelsea Holdings and Udina. In November 2018, the Philippines' regulator and the National Telecommunications Commission confirmed it as the country's third mainstream telecom operator.

This succeed fully reflects Genew as one of the leaders in core network field and the recognition of high-quality localization services from its customer, but also make a continous confedence for the company adhere to the independent research and development.

Won Philippine Dito Core Network Bidding

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