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Genew on the Spot MWC2021 Barcelona

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It is the second day of MWC2021 Barcelona. After one year’s struggling and waiting, the offline exhibition finally comes to restart. As one of the three most important show of MWC2021, MWC Barcelona has carried on many exhibitors and visitors’ expectations especially at current epidemic situation. Considering current epidemic condition, organizer also has online webinar and show for customers. There are almost 1 thousand online and offline exhibitors and the total attendants will be 30 thousand.


Even many big companies officially announce their quit of MWC2021 Barcelona, companies  like Ericsson, Nokia, Sony, Samsung; there are still many big companies present in the show with their latest products and confidences, companies like Huawei, TelconDR, Accenture, Kaspersky and Genew.

MWC is the biggest Mobile feast for global mobile operators. Under the exhibition organizer’s strict, scientific and effective protective measures: Every day every person (include visitors) needs to have Covid-19 test, the number of people gathering together cannot exceed 6 people and each person need to wear FPP2 Face mask. The exhibitors show us the latest technology devices like 5G, 5G Core, 5G Open Ran, 5G+AR, eSIM,IoT, cloud computing, FTTH and WiFi6 products.


Genew Technologies Co. Ltd. is a global systems provider for end-to-end communication solutions and telecom infrastructure and partners include India 4th telecom operator BSNL, TATA, Japan Softbank, Philippine PLDT and England Jersey Telecom. This time Genew bring its latest 5G Core, RAN, MSAN, FTTH and WiFi 6 products to the visitors. We will continue to bring the high technology and affordable products to our customers.

Genew MWC Booth Live Show

Genew MWC Booth Live Show

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Genew Technologies Co., Ltd., established in 2005, is a global system provider of end-to-end communication solutions and telecom infrastructures, it is listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (Stock Code: 688418.SS).



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