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Smart Environmental Protection

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EPA: After receiving emergency environmental emergencies, organize emergency monitoring of incidents, determine the types, concentrations and pollution levels of pollutants, scientifically analyze pollution trends based on monitoring data, provide technical support for command decision-making, and organize experts to develop emergency response. The program guides and supervises the collection, cleaning and safe disposal of pollutants; participates in the investigation and handling of incidents.

Transportation Bureau: Do a good job in transportation support for emergency response to environmental emergencies.

Agricultural Development Bureau: Organizes the investigation and evaluation of agricultural environmental pollution in sudden environmental incidents.

Health and Family Planning Bureau: organize medical rescue and disease prevention and control work for sudden environmental pollution incidents; organize experts to analyze and evaluate the health hazards caused by sudden environmental incidents according to the monitoring data of environmental protection departments, and propose measures to protect public health and Suggest.

Safety Supervision Bureau: Participate in the emergency disposal of secondary environmental incidents in safety production accidents.

Urban and Rural Construction Planning Bureau: Cooperate with the provision of emergency command vehicles for communication by the on-site command department, and realize the real-time transmission of the scene monitoring screen of the incident to the operation command center for the leader's decision-making command.


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