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Brief Introduction of Genew mBOSS Product

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The Business Operation Support System (BOSS) is a carrier-intended platform supporting telecommunication business and operation. It delivers functions needed in service provisioning, business management and customer support.

The mBOSS is a multi-service BOSS presented by Genew as a fusion platform that supports prepaid service and postpaid service, as well as various types of basic services (such as NGN, IMS, IPTV and 3/4/5 G service) and value-added services (such as unified communication service which converge video conference, instant message,e-fax and e-voice mail,etc.) in different types of networks. It is also a total solution to BSS/OSS, delivering all the functionalities required in business, billing, accounting, settlement and customer support.


As the most core system of  Genew mBOSS product, mBOSS Billing Sub-System is a cutting-edge innovation in the billing industry along the path of NGOSS evolution. It has become a mature, carrier grade on-line billing product with massive deployments after continuous improvement and evolution of 16 years. It has turned lots of impossibilities into solid realities. It has accomplished fix and mobile network convergence, voice,mobile packet-data,intelligent service, value added service,broadband and IPTV multi-service convergence, and prepaid-postpaid convergence. One of the most remarkable accomplishments of mBOSS Billing System is that one single product can support extremely diversified requirements from dozens of operators of different countries in several continents. In a sense, we may say that mBOSS has achieved the real convergence of extremely diversified requirements.

Genew mBOSS convergent online Billing System is extremely scalable. For a small scale of customer base less than 1k subscribers, all the components of mBOSS can be installed in two physical server or VMs for a carrier grade system with HA mechanism. Or it can even be installed in one physical server or VM if you don’t need redundancy but with adequate data protection and integrity. For large scale of customer base larger than 1 million up to 10 million, mBOSS Billing components can be distributed in a cluster of physical servers or VM working in highly efficient and highly stable load balancing mechanism. No single failure will impact normal functioning of mBOSS Billing System. No system downtime is required during hardware repair and system upgrades. Genew mBOSS product has been deployed in over 20 sites in many countries with a customer base more than 30 million subscribers. The number of actual subscribers in a single deployment of the largest sites is over 2.5 million.

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