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Genew Technologies’ IPO debut on SSE STAR Market

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Jul 22 2020, (China Knowledge) - Genew Technologies (Ticker: 688418) to start trading on the Shanghai Stock Exchange STAR Market, at a public offering price of RMB 16.25 per share, raising RMB 786.66 million. Its initial listing shares account for 25% of total outstanding shares. The company’s initial price-to-earning ratio (PE) stands at 54.27. 

Source: https://www.chinaknowledge.com/News/DetailNews/90010 

At the ceremony, Chairman Fang of CSRC & Mayor Wu of Shanghai Gov. and Chairman Wu Minhua of Genew Technologies together knocked, warm congratulations Genew Technologies successfully being quoted.


The day of July 22, 2020 is the first anniversary of SSE STAR Market Opening, Delinhai, Earth-Panda, Sunshine Guojian, Genew Technologies, Chipown Micro-electronics, Leaguer (Shenzhen) Microelectronics, Qianxin, these seven companies together on that day landed on SSE STAR Market, paid tribute to the first anniversary of SSE STAR Market Opening, Genew Technologies on behalf of the seven enterprises honored to deliver a speech. Chairman Wu Minhua of Genew Technologies said: in last year, SSE STAR Market played a leading and demonstration role in scientific and technological innovation, which made the listed companies’ attributes of science and technology innovation and growth obviously. SSE STAR Market provides long-term development opportunities for science and technology innovative enterprises, raises their reputation for more than 100 enterprises, provides better financing platform and more market-based incentives, and continuously make the active market and heavy players.This not only benefits enterprises, but also enables the whole society to share the higher-value and better-quality products created by these listed enterprises.


After years of development, Genew Technologies' products and solutions have covered Core Network, Access Network, Transport Network, Wireless Communication, Smart City – Command Center and Dispatching Systems, both Public and Private Networks and more. To cater to the ever-growing needs of its customers in managing their networks, Genew Technologies has set its focus on the development of 5G fronthaul, 5G clock, 5G core network, IMS, RCS, network slicing, UPF, edge computing, capability open platform, O-RAN and 5G vertical solutions. 

Genew Technologies plans to release 5G core network system and 5G access network system in the 2nd and 3rd quarters of 2020. Several projects related to 5G solutions have been awarded to Genew which includes China Unicom’s 5G fronthaul project and Japan Softbank’s 5G clock project. Also, Genew Technologies has been shortlisted for China Unicom 5G clock project and 5G access OTN-CPE project; and Genew Technologies has been successfully selected into the suppliers list of China Unicom 5G innovative application zone. Genew Technologies systems for 5G mobile policy routing and intelligent network SCP are selected and included in the procurement processes. 

We Focus on Customer Service

The company's listed fund will focus on some products development & system construction projects, such as the next generation Internet broadband access project, 5G core network project, emergency command and decision analysis system project. Raise funds investment projects will be based on the existing core technology, by further continuous increasing spending on research and development of satellite 5G applications, the next generation G.fast, 5G slice, edge computing, 5G VONR HD voice, the next generation NG - PON2 technologies, and maintain the technology advancement, steadily expanding production ability, in order to obtain a bigger share of the market.

In the future, Genew Technologies still adhere to independent research and innovation, always to create excellent technology and high quality products as the goal, focus on bringing customers a great satisfied full services.Genew will strive to become a next generation communications network expert, private network communications field leader,  dedicated communications solutions provider, and industry users trusted strategic partners.

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Genew Technologies Co., Ltd., established in 2005, is a global system provider of end-to-end communication solutions and telecom infrastructures, it is listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (Stock Code: 688418.SS).



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