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Enterprise Unified Communication NC5200G Launched in Feb

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In Feb Genew launched Core Network System Enterprise Unified Communication Equipment NC5200G.
Adhering to the high reliability design concept of NC5200 series, it integrates a full range of voice, data, video, Internet services and rich value-added services into a single system (all-in-one).

The hardware platform of NC5200G adopts the China-made CPU, DSP, FPGA, CPLD, FLASH, memory, switching chip, E1 interface chip, analog user interface, analog loop relay interface, magnet telephone interface, E&M interface, 2/4 line audio interface. The components used in the equipment, such as resistors, capacitors, connectors, etc., are also 100% China-made and has local replacements. The software platform of NC5200G adopts VOS platform independently developed based on Linux kernel. VoS platform technology adopts virtualization and reconstruction technologies allowing smooth  encapsulation of different operating systems, and providinga  rich interfaces and management tools for upper applications developments. VoS platform technology has been applied in many products such as access network, transmission network and core network.
As early as 2018, the telecom carrier-level IMS core network and 4G-EPC core network systems of Genew have adopted NFV carrier-level cloud architecture design to achieve complete decoupling of hardware and software, and Genew 5G core network (5GC) has also been fully capable of cloud deployment. The launch of home-made unified communication equipment shows that the core network system of Genew (including carrier-class and enterprise-class) has been developped autonomously and controllable manner.

16 Enterprise UC NC5200G Launched

Genew Technologies Co., Ltd., established in 2005, is a global system provider of end-to-end communication solutions and telecom infrastructures, it is listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (Stock Code: 688418.SS).



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