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Packet MAN PTN
PTN, also known as packet transmission network product, provides an ideal solution for modern transmission network construction. It adopts MPLS-TP technology, is based on packet forwarding and connection oriented, and has the characteristics of high speed, flexible service scheduling, and high reliability of traditional SDH devices. It has statistical multiplexing characteristics, solving the problems of SDH network hard pipes, low bandwidth utilization, and not suitable for IP based service transmission. PTN supports carrier level Ethernet, TDM, and IP service bearer, which can better meet the requirements of various application scenarios for metropolitan transmission networks.
GENEW Technology NuBiz ® OPC8000 series PTN products cover full network segment applications ranging from 3G to 960G switching capacity, from access to core, using MPLS-TP technology and pseudo line simulation technology to support Ethernet and TDM service access and transmission. The main PTN products of GENEW Technology include OPC8000AE, OPC8000B+and OPC8000DE series, which are suitable for networking at all levels of Metropolitan area network from access, convergence to backbone.
GENEW Technology PTN solution supports unified bearer of multiple services, allowing voice, data, and multimedia services to be transmitted on an IP-based network, building a unified metropolitan transmission network. According to the size of the transmission business, OPC8000AE equipment can be used to build the backbone layer (100G/10G) of the metropolitan transmission network, OPC8000B+ equipment can be used to build the aggregation layer (10G/1000M), and OPC8000DE equipment can be used to build the access layer (10G/1000M) and access layer (2.5G/622M/155M). The backbone layer and aggregation layer can be interconnected using 10GE channels, and the aggregation layer and access layer can be interconnected using 10GE or GE channels. The PTN network supports various networking methods, including chain, ring, ring chain, intersecting ring, tangent ring, MESH, etc., to achieve flexible access to IP, TDM, and other services.
GENEW Packet MAN PTN Solution Highlights
A futuristic ALL IP architecture that fully protects existing investments
End-to-end QoS capability, ensuring high-quality service delivery
OAM mechanism & Telecommunications level reliability design
Low power and energy-saving design & Support for L2VPN function
The perfect clock solution perfectly solves the Clock angle problem of mobile bearer & Unified network management system and E2E business management capabilities enhance packet network operation capabilities
The most comprehensive multi-service interface support, powerful PWE3 functionality, meets multiple application scenarios, and makes business deployment more flexible
Typical Application Scenarios
Genew Packet MAN PTN Solution Typical Application Scenarios​​​​​​​

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