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UnionCore uCharging

Genew UnionCore unified Charging (uCharging) consists of EPC and 5GC network elements of charging service. They are CG, CHF, and they are all based on 3GPP standard and ETSI NFV standard. Each of them can be solely deployed as standalone VNF or convergently deployed as a unified product but representing multiple responsibilities.
  • UnionCore uCharging



Product Architecture

The system architecture of uCharging is based on the standard ETSI NFV architecture. The main functional components can be deployed as VNFs on the virtual infrastructure and managed by the cloud platform. The system architecture of uCharging is shown in the figure below:

UnionCore uCharging_画板 1

Genew UnionCore uCharging is developed based on the idea of atom-level convergence, that means, not only the system is disaggregated into different modules, each module is a totally standalone Virtualized Network Function Component (VNFC) that could be deployed in a VM or Container, but also for both 2/3G, 4G and 5G signaling, are dealt within the unified Call Detail Record (CDR) module.


Atom-level Convergence
Stateless Architecture
Virtualization & Scalability
Cloud Native
Interoperability and Customization
Efficient and Automated O&M
Carrier Grade Integrity and Performance
Carrier Grade Reliability

Module functions

RDBMemory databaseThe RDB stores the charging context, configurations etc. It is based on Redis DB, Redis DB is an opensource memory database with extraordinary performance and fertile functions.
OMUO&MThe OMU is the Operation and Management Unit, provides routine FCAPS maintenance operation.
SBIInterfaceThe SBI deals with the service-based interfaces, especially the HTTP2 layer with load balancing function.
DiameterInterfaceThe Diameter deals with the Rf interface.
GaInterfaceThe Ga deals with Ga interface.
CDRServiceThe CDR collects the CDR from different interfaces, and check the CDR to avoid duplication and errors. It provides a load balance function.
SPU-CDRServiceThe SPU-CDR processes the CDRs, to merge the interim CDRs, transcode the CDRs and dispatch the CDRs etc.
OCFServiceThe OCF is the Online Charging Function, connecting with other NFs in 5GC, and it connects to OCS through Diameter interface or the Nchf interface to provide the online charging functions.
CacheServiceThe Cache manages the buffer for the call detail record and saves them into a storage, hard disk or disk array. And it provides the FTP client/server to output the cached CDRs.
IPUServiceThe IPU is the IP processing unit transmits the signaling and messages with load balance function.
EMSO&MThe EMS consists of NEs’ O&M Agents and a Web Server to provide Browser & Server O&M architecture, and it also includes part of MANO’s functions like NFVO and VNFM. Its name is NuMax Cloud.

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