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Flatpack2 48/4000 HE Rectifier Module

The most efficient rectifier in the industry!
The combination of innovative design, efficiency and reliabilitymakes the Flatpack2 HE stand out. With an efficiency up to 96%the losses have been reduced by 40% compared to the currentindustry standard. In a global perspective, considering the high energy consumption inthe telecom industry, this technology breakthrough is not onlyreducing operational cost for the operators, but it can also have asignificant environmental impact.
  • Flatpack2 48/4000 HE Rectifier Module




Wireless, fiber and fixed line communication

Today's communications demand state of the art, cost effective and compact DC power systems. Flatpack2 HE delivers an industry leading power density and superb reliability at lowest lifetime cost.

The HE rectifier also has an extremely high efficiency at low load,which historically has been a drawback with most modern soft switching technologies.

Broadband and network access

Increasing network speed demands flexible and expandable DC power solutions. The Flatpack2 HE rectifiers are your key building blocks for future needs.

Small and large

Due to the high power density, cost competitive design and a highly flexible system communication interface, Flatpack2 HE rectifiers are used in system solutions from 4kW to384kw.

Product Features and Advantages

Flexibility and reliability

Extensive use of digital controllers has enabled advanced functionality to meet most customers' requirements. lt also provides intelligent self-protective features like reduced output power at high temperatures or low mains.

Plug and play

Plug a new rectifier into the system, and it automatically logs on, gets an assigned ID,downloads the system setparameters from the control system and starts up with aminimum of installation time, and without interrupting thesystem or attached equipment.

The HE rectifier is made fully compliant with the standard Flatpack2 rectifier which means it can be used in any FP2system solutions,whether it is in new installations,siteexpansions or replacement programs.

Patents pending

Flatpack2 HE is a result of intensive research over many years. Several unique technical solutions are introduced, protected by patent applications.

Additional Technical Specifications

Flatpack 规格

Flatpack 规格3

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