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Government & Enterprise OTN
GTN6800 series M-OTN equipment is a comprehensive service access platform that provides large bandwidth, low delay and low jitter service access for key government and enterprise customers, with rich equipment interfaces, supporting access of PDH/SDH/ETH service.There are various types of service protection, including LAG, MSP, VC-SNCP, ODU-SNCP, OSU-SNCP and other service protection methods.
GTN6800 series M-OTN equipment provides management interface for the controller through standard Netconfig interface and Yang model. The service can be opened and deployed flexibly and quickly through SDN technology.
Customer services are accessed and converged to OTN network through GTN6800 equipment. Customer service types support E1, STM-1 / 4 / 16, Fe / Ge and 10GE, and line service types support OTU1 and OTU2. According to the business volume of customers in the region, fixed box equipment or high-capacity plug-in M-OTN equipment can be selected to realize business access. The plug-in equipment can aggregate the scattered customer services first and then transmit them to OTN metropolitan area network.
Genew Government & Enterprise OTN Solution Highlights
Reliable QoS
Rich OAM and Protection
Fast deployment and low operation and maintenance cost
Typical Application Scenarios
Genew Government & Enterprise OTN Solution Typical Application Scenarios​​​​​​​

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