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mSwitch™ Mobile Signaling Solution Overview

mSwitch™ iSG6400 provides DRA, SSR and STP element functions defined by the 3GPP standard. It is deployed in various networks to route different signaling messages. It implements Diameter/SIP/SS7 signaling message convergence and forwarding.

mSwitch™ Mobile Signaling Solution Topological Graph


 Mobile Number Portability
 Interworking between MAP and Diameter
 LTE Roaming/Session Binding
 Firewall and Traffic controlling
5G SEPP Roaming and Peering

Core Functionality

Comprehensive Routing, Screening and Accounting
GUI based OA&M
Detailed Debug + Trace
Diameter Routing Agent (DRA) as specified by 3GPP
Diameter Edge Agent (DEA) as specified by GSMA
Subscription Location Function (SLF) as specified by GSMA
Interworking Function (IWF)

Legacy SS7 TDM

 Next Generation Networks SIGTRAN 
4G / LTE / IMS
SS7 and Diameter Firewall 

Solution Related Products

The mSwitch™ Trunk Gateway lets you offer enhanced IP-based telephony services even as you migrate to a new infrastructure -without disrupting service or subscriber dialing patterns. The TG's main role is to serve as a voice/data/fax bridge between IP networks and legacy PSTN/ wireless networks. It functions seamlessly and transparently with the legacy PSTN, providing maximum scalability and cost-efficiency.


mSwitch™ iSG6400 provides DRA, SSR and STP element functions defined by the 3GPP standard. mSwitch™ iSG6400 provides DRA, SSR and STP element functions defined by the 3GPP standard. SG6400 5G Cloud Native Service Platform delivers common configuration tools, common telemetry, logging, a unified control plane, common HTTP2/Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP), Representational State Transfer (REST/JSON), common database technologies, high-availability and Geographical Redundancy (GR) services, and common orchestration across all 5G standalone network functions. This Services Platform offers and integrates IP Communicator [IPC], data synchronization, Service Bus, and configuration, life-cycle management [like kubernetes, load balancer, service mesh, and continuous integration and continuous delivery support enabling improved time to market and improved service velocity.

EPC Deployment key NEs listed - MME: All the new MME should support CSFB and select a MSC in the Pool base on IMSI-Hash. UGW: Integrated S-GW and P-GW into one device. HSS/HLR: Support 2G/3G/4G subscription data. Convergent HSS for 2G/3G/4G recommended to get a simple user data management. eNodeB: Support CSFB function and R8 redirection fallback mechanism in blind mode at least. Provision: Support sending data to HSS or HLR based on the user’s type. If the user is 4G, the data should send to HSS and STP with FNR. if the user is 2G/3G ,the data should send to HLR; Delete the 3G /2G data in HLR when user upgrade to 4G in HSS
Signal Transfer Point (STP) is a node in an SS7 network that routes signaling messages based on their destination point code in the SS7 network. It works as a router that relays SS7 messages between signaling end-points and other signaling transfer points (STPs). Typical SEPs include service switching points and service control points. The STP is connected to adjacent SEPs and STPs via signaling links.

Evolved Packet Core (EPC) is a framework for providing converged voice and data on a 4G Long-Term Evolution (LTE) network. 2G and 3G network architectures process and switch voice and data through two separate sub-domains: circuit-switched (CS) for voice and packet-switched (PS) for data. Evolved Packet Core unifies voice and data on an Internet Protocol (IP) service architecture and voice is treated as just another IP application. This allows operators to deploy and operate one packet network for 2G, 3G, WLAN, WiMax, LTE and fixed access (Ethernet, DSL, cable and fiber).

A Diameter Routing Agent (DRA) is an application with all functionalities of Diameter Relay Agents along with some additional functionalities such as load balancing, routing diameter traffic based on any field, routing Diameter messages to a specific node, divide traffic with various policies. It is a functional element in a 3G or 4G (such as LTE) network that provides real-time routing capabilities to ensure that messages are routed among the correct elements in a network.
The mSwitch™ SLR3200 (HLR / HSS / 5G UDM) stores and manages identities, authentication data, subscription information, and location information about subscribers. In addition, the mSwitch HSS verifies mobile terminals when mobile terminals attempt to connect to networks.

mSwitch™ iSG6400 provides DRA, SSR and STP element functions defined by the 3GPP standard. It used in various network to transform different signaling message. It implements Diameter/SIP/SS7/SIGTRAN signaling message convergence and forwarding.

With 15 years of core network technology experience, Genew mSwitch IMS system has been deployed
many networks for a great number of operators around the world, serving millions of people.
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From 2G to 5G, Genew provides data and voice products for core, access, transport, and wireless communication infrastructures. With our latest release of core and wireless technologies, Genew has developed an end-to-end 5G solution, including 5G core, 5G O-RAN, 5G front haul, 5G clocks, and synchronizations, completely developed in-house. A new family of Genew OLTs is also being introduced, including software virtualization, disaggregation, and 100G uplinks and combo interfaces (GPON/XGPON/XGSPON).
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The Genew PTP Solution is a complete solution for all your product needs. It includes everything from product design to manufacturing to packaging and shipping.
Genew Technologies Co., Ltd., established in 2005, is a global system provider of end-to-end communication solutions and telecom infrastructures, it is listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (Stock Code: 688418.SS).



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