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HLR / HSS / 5G UDM Core Network

The mSwitch™ SLR3200 (HLR / HSS / 5G UDM) stores and manages identities, authentication data, subscription information, and location information about subscribers. In addition, the mSwitch HSS verifies mobile terminals when mobile terminals attempt to connect to networks.
  • mSwitch™ HLR / HSS / 5G UDM

Overview - Genew HLR / HSS / 5G UDM:

GENEW mSwitch™ HSS is combination of 3G HLR + 4G HSS, and is one of the most comprehensive SLR solution in the market following all recent 3GPP standards, integrating all the MAP services defined for HLR and all S6a Diameter for 4G HSS with a common AuC and a common Data Base of subscriber profiles. It also includes a full USSD server for customer usage alerts on costs and usage to cater 3G network functionality.

The HSS is a highly scalable solution providing standard compliant and stateless interfaces and acts as a front-end to a database storing subscriber data.

Data is stored in a dedicated database or repository or may even be integrated with existing data storages that support standard technologies.

Built on a Cache DB technology, HSS supports high performance and 1+1 High Availability structure.

Functions - Genew HLR / HSS / 5G UDM:

  • Home location register (HLR) in Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) and Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS)networks.

  • Equipment identity register (EIR) in GSM, UMTS, and EPS networks.

  • Home subscriber server (HSS) in evolved packet system (EPS)networks

  • HSS, subscription locator function (SLF), E.164 number to URI mapping (ENUM), or domain name server(DNS) in IP multimedia subsystems(IMS)

Highlight- Genew HLR / HSS / 5G UDM:

Home Subscriber  Server (HSS)

- Convergence HSS support: GSM/UTMS/LTE/CDMA/WLAN and IMS

- Real time access to subscriber / Service profile information

- Real time subscriber status and location information

- Call server routing information

- Standard MAP/DIAMETER interface Available.

- Cluster Structure: N+1 Load Sharing

- Dual NIC, Dual LAN Configuration

- Full transparency without service interruption during fail-over

- Data provisioning through SAM and CSS

- Supports up to 10M subscribers

- Field verified in multiple multi-million user deployments.

Specification- Genew HLR / HSS / 5G UDM:

FULL support of 3GPP standards 4G (all S6a/Diameter services)

3GPP Interfaces                Cx                                              TS 29.229 v12.5                 



                                        Sh                                              TS 29.329 v12.8


                                        S6a, S6d, “S6-MSC”                 TS 29.272 v12.7

                                        SWx, Wx                                     TS 29.273 v12.7  

                                        Zh                                              TS 29.109 v12.1

Provisioning                  Direct to DB                                Supported

                                      Web GUI                                    Supported

                                       REST API                                   Supported

                                      SIM Card toolkit                          For SIM Card provisioning directly with HSS data

Hardware                       Deployable in ATAC, any x86, ARM, PowerPC COTS

                                      Small form factor network appliances to rack

                                        Web GUI                                       Supported


&Configuration               SNMP                                            Supported


                                       CLI                                                Supported


Networking                     Network                                       IPv4, IPv6, dual-stack  

                                       Transport                                     SCTP, TCP, UDP

                                       Application                                  Diameter, ENUM, DNS

Operating System          Redhat Linux

Capacity                         HSS: 10M subscribers

                                      ENUM query:  12K concurrent queries/second with latency less than 0.25ms / query    

Typical Deployment  Mode -Genew mSwitch™ HLR / HSS / 5G UDM:

- IMS network as HSS role

- 2G/3G GSM/UMTS network as a HLR role

- 4G EPC network as a HSS role

- Wi-Fi as AAA role

- 5G UDM

Genew mSwitch HLR HSS 5G UDM

Family - Genew Core Network:

Core Network5G SCPBased on the NFV/Cloud Deployment; Support 1+ 1 Redundancy & Geographic Redundancy;  Accompanied with powerful AMF,  AUSF, SMF, UPF together with MEC.
5G RCS (Message) based on the GSMA specification, including IMS, RCS AS, MaaP, RCS HUB and RCS SDK. Complied GSMA RCS Standard, China Mobile RCS Standard, China Telecom RCS Standard, China Union  RCS Standard.
5G Open-UPFBased on NFV technology, it supports virtual deployment methods such as Docker container and VM,Support smart network card, microsecond delay, 100Gbps forwarding capability. Support load sharing and redundant backup.
3G STP (iSG6400It implements SS7/SIGTRAN/SIP diamter signaling message convergence and forwarding. It provides DRA, SSR and STP element functions defined by the 3GPP standard. It provides the line cards of TDM, progressing the MTP messages and  provides all the LSL and HSL links.
4G DRA (SG6400 virtuallIt implements Diameter signaling message convergence and forwarding. Main processor for diameter message, provides diameter message Core Routing  in real time mode. Diameter Routing Agent (DRA) as specified by 3GPP 
EPC(ECN10000)It is the core equipment of packet domain of Telecom 4G core network and comprehensive TDD/FDD Network Core Platform. It not only combines MME(integrated MME / HSS / PCRF) +UGW(integrated SGW / PGW) to networking, but also can support the external HSS and PCRF outside by the operator. Each MME can support the access of 16 UGWs. MME supports 1+1 primary and standby redundancy, and UGW supports N+1 load sharing.
mSwitch IMS virtualBased on the aTCA/ x86/ Cloud Deployment;  Support 5M subs;  Support 1+ 1 Redundancy & Geographic Redundancy;  Accompanied with powerful I/S/P-CSCF,  MRFC,  BGCF,  MGCF,  AGCF,  iUMG,  iSG,  PCRF,  O&M,  HSS,  Provisioning/ENUM,  BOSS,  EMS,  AS,   SBC,  etc.
MGW iUMG9000The mSwitch™ Trunk Gateway lets you offer enhanced IP-based telephony services even as you migrate to a new infrastructure -without disrupting service or subscriber dialing patterns. The TG's main role is to serve as a voice/data/fax bridge between IP networks and legacy PSTN/ wireless networks. It functions seamlessly and transparently with the legacy PSTN, providing maximum scalability and cost-efficiency. Question Feedback
UTEx-SBC6000The mSwitch™ SBC6000 is a market-leading, Intelligent Session Border Controller for fixed, mobile, cable, and Over-the-Top operators and enterprises.The SBC6000 provides industry-leading security, session management, policy control, and deployment flexibility to enable seamless SIP Trunking, Peering, Intra-Network Interconnect, Multimedia Communication and RCS solutions in IMS LTE and IMS networks.
LIs Server & GatewaymSwitch LI Platform is composed of the LI Server (LIS) and LI Gateway (GW). It  complies with LI  specification published by standard organizations: ETSI, 3GPPANSI. It supports various HI(handover interface)defined by different national and standard organizations. Interoperable with 3rd party LI equipment.
HLR + HSS + 5G UDMCombination of 3G HLR + 4G HSS + 5G UDM, and is one of the most comprehensive SLR solution in the market following all recent 3GPP standards, integrating all the MAP services defined for HLR and all S6a diameter for 4G HSS with a common AuC and a common data base of subscriber profiles. It also includes a full USSD server for customer usage alerts on costs and usage to cater 3G network functionality.


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