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5G Signaling (STP DRA)

mSwitch™ iSG6400 provides DRA, SSR and STP element functions defined by the 3GPP standard. mSwitch™ iSG6400 provides DRA, SSR and STP element functions defined by the 3GPP standard. SG6400 5G Cloud Native Service Platform delivers common configuration tools, common telemetry, logging, a unified control plane, common HTTP2/Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP), Representational State Transfer (REST/JSON), common database technologies, high-availability and Geographical Redundancy (GR) services, and common orchestration across all 5G standalone network functions. This Services Platform offers and integrates IP Communicator [IPC], data synchronization, Service Bus, and configuration, life-cycle management [like kubernetes, load balancer, service mesh, and continuous integration and continuous delivery support enabling improved time to market and improved service velocity.

  • 5G Signaling (STP DRA)

Overview - 5G Singaling (STP/DRA)

Genew 5G singaling system used in various network to transform different signaling message. It implements Diameter/SIP/SS7/SIGTRAN signaling message convergence and forwarding, also supports Diameter Protocol which makes it work as Diameter Routing Agent(DRA)/Diameter Edge Agent(DEA).

5G SEPP Roaming and Peering  Function of SG6400

SG6400 5G SEPP

- SG6400 SEPP is used to protect control plane traffic that is exchanged between different 5G PLMNs As such, the SEPP performs message filtering, policing and topology hiding for all API messages.

- SG6400 5G SEPPs authenticated using TLS 

   - Negotiate cipher suites for messages over interconnect (N32) 

   - Exchange protection policies per NE and roaming partner – what can be modified

- SG6400  5G SEPPs encrypt and sign all messages over N32 using JOSE (JSON web signing encryption) 

   - Using JWE – JSON web encryption & signature (with symmetric key from TLS key exchange)  

5G SEPP, an API Gateway

Authentication; En-/Decryption ; Signatures; Transport and payload checks; Transformations ; Mediations ; Caching; Security

5G Service Proxy Function, HTTP Proxy and NRF of SG6400

SG6400 5G SPF

- Two deployment approaches: a Standalone SPF, or a combined SPF and NRF

- As SPF, SG6400, representing the service consumer(client), route API (service request/ack)  calling to correct service provider

- When SPF route API calling, SEP manipulate the API parameter and do API mesh up

5G BSF of SG6400

- The 3GPP Binding Support Function (BSF) is a distinct 5G SA network function used for binding an application function request to one of many PCF instances, as described in TS 23.503. 

- The SG6400 BSF addresses a ―PCF binding problem ( getting an application function and NEFs to talk to the same PCF as the SMF Protocol Data Unit [PDU] session) in 5G SA

- For the IMS use case, the SG6400 BSF is defined to terminate (and convert) or proxy the Rx directly to the relevant PCF using binding-based routing at the BSF. 

Family - Genew Core Network:



mSwitch™ IMS

Based on the aTCA/ x86/ Cloud Deployment;  Support 5M subs;  Support 

1+ 1 Redundancy & Geographic Redundancy;  Accompanied with powerful 


HSS,  Provisioning/ENUM,  BOSS,  EMS,  AS,   SBC,  etc.

mSwitch™ 5G Core

Based on the NFV/Cloud Deployment;  Support 5M subs;  Support 1+ 1 Redundancy & Geographic Redundancy;  Accompanied with powerful AMF,  AUSF, SMF, UPF together with MEC.

mSwitch™ 4G core

Based on the aTCA/ x86/ Cloud Deployment;  Support 5M subs;  Support 

1+ 1 Redundancy & Geographic Redundancy;  Accompanied with powerful O&M,  EPC,  MME,  P/S-GW,  EMS,  etc.

mSwitch™ 3G core

Based on the aTCA/ x86/ Cloud Deployment;  Support 5M subs;  Support 

1+ 1 Redundancy & Geographic Redundancy;  Accompanied with powerful CS domain,  MSC pooling,  SGSN,  GGSN,  EMS, etc.


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