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5G Service Communications Proxy (SCP)

The Service Communication Proxy (SCP) is one of the most important elements of the 3GPP Service-Based Architecture (SBA) for 5G Core networks. The SCP is functionality similar to the Diameter Routing Agent (DRA) in 4G, functioning as a central control point in the signaling network core.
  • 5G SCP

Overload Protection 

SCP replicas & instances monitor their traffic load interacting with the Service Router to throttle traffic and/or auto-scale SCP services as needed to handle overload.

Statistics and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) 

The SCP generates Statistics and KPIs so that external servers can retrieve them for performance & health tracking purposes (e.g.the number of inbound & outbound requests per unit time). SCP service logic also uses these statistics for congestion control and for routing decisions based on load/latency of route entries. 

Transaction Detail Records (TDRs) 

The SCP allows configurable generation of TDRs for inbound and/or outbound service transactions. The operator can

select which Information Elements (IE) to include into different TDR data feeds (e.g.for Analytics or Forensics).

The SCP is implemented as a set of containerized micro-services, decomposed into a Service-Router function, SCP compute front-end functions, and back-end Datastore micro-service for persistent storage. All component micro-services may be replicated within a Kubernetes (K8S) Cluster for both resiliency & scalability purposes. In addition, two or more K8S Clusters may comprise a single TITAN.IUM system deployment to achieve multi-site system geo-redundancy, with cross-site Datastore replication to ensure a common view of SCP persistent data. The Service-Router provides HTTP1/2 routing services and securely exposes SBI interfaces to external IP networks. All NetNumber, 5G NFs share a common “Network Function Control Agent” (NFCA) micro-service, responsible for common NF management, e.g.to handle Registration of NF-Profiles to their assigned NRF(s) and keep these NF-Profile registrations up to date via heart-beats and handle failover/failback. 5G SCP

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